Week 1 + 2

Going into this project I had no idea what was expected of us as a class, but after visiting the museum exhibit, I had a better sense of where I want to focus my project on for this semester.

The Extraordinary Ordinary Things Exhibit:

Task 1: What is personal safety?

The sense of feeling secure in a situation where you might be threatened by your environment or another person. It might not necessarily be a physical imminent threat that demands personal safety, but personal safety can also be something preventative. It can initiate a sense of comfort or security even when it is not necessarily in use.

Objects associated with personal safety —

For Protection:



Sporting gear

Oven mitts

For Attack (offensive use):


Pocket knife

Pepper spray

Project 1: The on-the-go meal experience!


Task Analysis

For this activity, I observed Patricia’s process in how she prepares to pack her lunch to go. In order to understand her entire process in-context, I first had to know what her meal prep schedule is like. She told me how she meal preps two times per week and the rest of the days, it is pretty much a grab-and-go process to pack her lunch.

Patricia’s experience/process preparing for a packed portable lunch:

A general glimpse into her cooking methods and routine:

  1. Put meat in the fridge to defrost
  2. Take out of the fridge
  3. Place meat on chopping board to…

The First Visit: Goals

  • I wanted to gauge the various types of people who would visit Phipps and what they would say as they walked around the different exhibits.
  • See what rooms/areas appeal and stick out to me.
  • Pinpoint what areas within the conservatory can be elevated with the use of MR.

The Visit:

a visit to the Children’s Museum (October 23rd)

I decided to visit the Children’s Museum as I have always wanted to see it after hearing great things about the place. When I visited, I realized there were a lot of innovative and fun activities/interactions within the museum, yet there was one artist in particular that had pieces of art that were beautiful yet subtle, you wouldn’t really take much time to observe his works if you just went inside the museum. Ned Kahn is an environmental artist that does a lot of outdoor installation pieces that interact with natural elements…

Hybrid spaces are becoming increasingly prevalent nowadays as technology is used to enhance our experiences within these spaces. Exhibitions and Museums(historical, art, science) are prime examples of spaces that utilize interaction with technology in order to engage and teach visitors about the space. In the case of museums and exhibitions, the intent behind hybridization is to create a more memorable experience that leaves an impact on the visitor’s impression of whatever space is about.

Other than museums, dining spaces are also evolving in order to improve user experience. McDonald’s self-serving/ordering stations have been happening since 2010 and allows users to customize their own dining experience without the time pressure of standing in front of a cashier that takes your order.

I went through multiple iterations for this interaction in gravity sketch and decided on this one. I didn’t really enjoy working on the VR due to how unreliable and finicky it was and how I couldn’t save several of the iterations I made ( I took pictures but I don’t know where they went!). I actually also lost this final version for no reason after saving and logging out so the file I currently have saved is my very first version. However, I would say it was a great tool to actually visualize the interactions in three-dimension as it helped me think through the process as someone who would approach the art piece within it’s given space.

How to perfect lacing shoes and tying shoes:

  • Make sure shoelace length is equal on both ends before lacing.
  • Once you start lace, alternate one side after another
  • After reaching the second top hole on top of the tongue of the shoe stop lacing.
  • Tighten the shoelaces after left-over-right knot.

Shannon Ha

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